Silly secrets

One day this February I sat outside, on a deckchair in the back garden, with my laptop. But no sunglasses.

Some people greet you with raising their eyebrows instead of smiling!

Chris Martin of Coldplay has a better voice than you notice when listening.

(A self-indulgent one) ‘Anderson’ contains anagrams of ‘Donne’ and ‘Arden’. Though also ‘arse donn’.

Dairy milk for breakfast is actually really healthy.

Chopin wrote a soundtrack just for intense bouts of work.


One comment

  1. Rach Warwick (@rachwarwick) · March 2, 2013

    Well done Chopin!

    We too took breakfast outside on the balcony on more than one occasion this February and I totally agree with you on the Dairy Milk.

    Yours (with raised eyebrows)
    Raw Wick

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