Silly Secrets #2

An absurd stressful dream of mine when I was 16 – driving a car with no seat, sitting on the floor – I have found, is a lot like an internship application. This thing could crash so easily and I haven’t a clue where I’m going.

Premeditated almost-all-nighters two nights before the deadline are so much funner than slogging it out the next night. (But do not preclude the necessity of doing the same the night after, unfortunately. Such is life).

If you can say something with comedy, it is precisely eight times cleverer than saying so without.

Even though Sainsburys is like an inferior more expensive tescos it does do better cheese twists. You have been warned.

The human heart is the same size as that of a great lion, but works as well as that of a small gerbil.

Some silly secrets I delete because they are simply not silly enough.


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