III (untitled June poem, published belatedly)

Today, the day he walked away
Was the day the Muse came back to me.
A handsome boy with ruddy cheeks
And corn-made hair, and happy weeks
Ahead: all fade in moonlight now,
He loved another, he loved before,
He’ll love again and I’ll grow grey:
Yesterday he walked away,
And today the Muse comes back to me.
Today, the day of emptiness
I found a sound way to be full
With sighs and groanings, not a word,
Not chasing wind, and not absurd
But God’s around, and God has heard
And whispers to my drowsiness:
Today, the day he was away
is the Day my heart came back to me.
Today, the night of sadness
Was the night my voice was rasping, hoarse,
And I loved to hear the sound, of course;
The night I listened to some words,
And smiled with people, all absurd,
But wished for nothing, like the night
And liked to talk, up late at night
And think-meander poems slight
About how my love and how my God
Vanished, and we came together again:
Most blessed am I, above all men
For the night my God came back to me.

One comment

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h · August 1, 2013

    achingly beautiful. tony

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