Liminal Work

It’s like prayer –
Out of fear you come,
you go.

You never want to stay,
you stay – away,
You play
And taper out the day until you cannot bear
One moment more of sun —

So then you plunge;
The water’s cold;
The fear is old,
but bold
and plays
In several tortuous ways
On innards,

Just ask,
you say?
Just knock,
and it will go away.
To knock,
the door is all in dark,
and you must reach it-
plunge in deep —

One moment more,
This lasting fear
Will soon be gone
And you’re absorbed
In light-full patterns all around-
It’s like your eyes are full of light,
and beaming, LIGHT,
On every book that can be found.

It’s LIGHT that is of You,
The life of men,
The light that never dies, the darkness
Has not seen it. But it lasts –

and Penetrate the broken shards,
deep unknown cavity of dark –
I’ll stay a lifetime in this dark,
Just to be beamed upon by You.


London, Brave Heart

Aslan calls Lucy ‘Brave Heart’ –
and do you say- you do?
to me?
It’s right, you see, you say,
I shout – to London
‘My brave heart’
and how would I have known?
how would I know without You?
that voice within me,
and this is where,
this is where you were belonging,
with words unspoken (no words needed) –
‘this is where you belong’.
From Scotland I come,
rushing headlong
in the rugged land shouting within,
‘London, I come!’
From the north I come,
Finsbury Park (spare home)
And all the dregs are nearly stifling my candle flame- from the ride on the train –
but, together, we come –
I am not one,
With You I’m done;
London, we come.