woodland girl

Dear Blog Readers,

Thank you for continuing to follow me despite my long absences. I’m living in Germany at the moment and here is one of the songs from a wave of inspiration I had in early autumn. It’s a little change of direction, not completely where I want to be as a songwriter, but a step there!

she’s a quiet one,

she’s like a woodland girl and she sings,

she’s just a little child to me

i’ll go out walking with her,

peach petite,

and i’ll buy her ice cream on the beach

oh, if only he had known,

and if only he could see

the sad soul that’s in me

you thought it’s sweet,

the taste is sticky, sickly,

as if you’d tried to kiss me,


quiet man

why do you think that it’s okay

to come so close to me today?

oh, if only he had known,

and if only he could see

that in my self i am free to choose,

and not diminish in the pretty little game you play with me

and not be under any kindly little boy’s abuse,

cause there’s a fire in me

little boy,

though you think you have a toy,

i am no ordinary fairy

i’ll fly away,

another place, another day,

and then i’ll find a proper man who gives me room,

is big enough himself to let me choose,

even if i seem ever so nice and cute, well

it doesn’t mean i respect you

if only you could know

how strong my true love goes

you’d run a mile before you tried to play with fire,

simpers and smiles will never match up to desire,

i need a flame that burns much brighter

than a woodland creature