Sometimes it’s a stately home of collectible paraphernalia, majestic and a little pompous.
At other times, an exotic animal collection, alive, naughty, chattering, buzzing, purring, cooing.
Hopefully the little pooes done by those monkeys in my mind don’t come out too often.
I write about my interests: theology, music, literature.
I like navel-gazing, not being squeamish about sharing my life,
and I publish my rookie creative writing on here.
I would love your comments… if they are lovely enough.
And look forward to meeting you, precious people.
Grace, and peace,
P.S. My other website, which is harder, tougher, meatier work (e.g. book reviews, thinking about incarnational art, literature, theology, music in a more formal way), is artcatholic.wordpress.com


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