Liminal Work

It’s like prayer –
Out of fear you come,
you go.

You never want to stay,
you stay – away,
You play
And taper out the day until you cannot bear
One moment more of sun —

So then you plunge;
The water’s cold;
The fear is old,
but bold
and plays
In several tortuous ways
On innards,

Just ask,
you say?
Just knock,
and it will go away.
To knock,
the door is all in dark,
and you must reach it-
plunge in deep —

One moment more,
This lasting fear
Will soon be gone
And you’re absorbed
In light-full patterns all around-
It’s like your eyes are full of light,
and beaming, LIGHT,
On every book that can be found.

It’s LIGHT that is of You,
The life of men,
The light that never dies, the darkness
Has not seen it. But it lasts –

and Penetrate the broken shards,
deep unknown cavity of dark –
I’ll stay a lifetime in this dark,
Just to be beamed upon by You.


Diamonds Crown

Why would I be
To wear this crown
When all, it’s given
Given unto

The dispossessed,
Yet loving many,
Many all around.

I hope I can give out,
Out into the open air
Air to breathe,
To feel,
And that’s riches.

Riches enough?
For today, it may
May be enough.
Enough for one,
But tomorrow is two;
To search out new gems,
Gems for a holy head.

To wear this crown
I don’t deserve;
But I will serve,
And diamonds come
Enough for one.

God give me a coal

(Maybe I’ll infinitely regret posting a sonnet, of all things, the day I put it together, like a hangover, but today it’s right to me at least.)

God, give me a coal unto my lips, for this
Too much for my dim-doomed expression is;
Give me no word; opinion careful measure,
Not rattle-tattle chaos of my pleasure,
Which often, late, has been a joy to me
But now I’ve made a bond of being free.
So take my lips, and mould them soft to you;
Let them be shaped, exquisitely, but true.

If I should lose my edges rough,
Become a sphere: is that enough?
For you I will become completely round.
For love of you I do these things,
So that my voice harmonious rings:
Two together make a perfect sound.


Thanks for striking me
So I could be
Distinct from mediocrity.

I never knew,
Before you,
That it could renew,

My being,
And become a better thing:
Broken, I still sing.


What do you do?
Play with words
And let them play with you.

Look at the pollution
And look at us fall,
But don’t you love the decadence
Behind it all?

Love being naughty,
Cry at being dead,
And lay down in a tomb, live,
Cold marble on your head.

Look at the wounds-
The doctor who doesn’t heal,
But maybe, just maybe
Will reveal.